Ask a Western Student: Info Sessions for Curious Minds

    We know you have lots of questions about life as a Viking. Join Western students for brief presentations on topics they care about and make some friends who share your passions. Choose an event to sign up!

    July 22: Welcome to Bellingham!
    Learn about the city we call home and get ready to explore all the best Bellingham has to offer.

    August 5: The Great WWU Baking Show
    Check out the food options on and off campus, plus get some tips on cooking away from home.

    August 19: Sustainability on Campus
    Interested in living sustainably? Learn about all the ways Vikings work together to minimize their impact on our shared environment.

    September 2: All About STEM
    Join students earning degrees in STEM fields to discover opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math at WWU.

    September 16: Multicultural Center

    Discover ways to connect with your communities at Western. Learn about the Ethnic Student Center, Student Advocacy and Identity Resource Centers, LGBTQ+ Western, and more.

    September 30: WWU Cribs

    Meet students who live on campus and discover what it's like to stay in a dorm room.

    October 14: WWU Art Show
    Watch live music and arts performances by WWU students and get inspired to create art.

    October 28: Viking Athletics
    Whether you're ultra-competitive or just looking for some outdoor leisure, join WWU Athletes to learn how you can get involved at any skill level.

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